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Welcome to my website.

I work in both clay and stone, making sculpture which explores the human condition and contemporary issues affecting our lives. The idea for a piece of work usually stems from something I have read or heard, or perhaps an image I have seen. I then work on finding a form which expresses the idea in a way which is accessible and which evokes a response in the viewer. The work is mainly figurative but embodies deeper meanings by drawing from earlier traditions in art, cultural icons and symbolic forms. It can appear wondrous, humorous, sinister or sometimes puzzling.

My latest body of work is focused on my growing interest in ecology, climate change and the fragility of the earth.

My work has been exhibited in Beverley Minster, Burton Constable Hall, the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate, Ferens Gallery in Hull, York City Art Gallery, Beverley Art Gallery and other settings

A number of the sculptures are for sale and prices start from £200 so do contact me if you are interested or wish to find out more.


All images found on this site are copyrighted material of pam davies. You may not use any image on this site without the express written consent of Pam Davies.

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